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You are invited to explore these trusted patriotic America First companies and news sources who I recommend based on my personal experience.

During these turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to support businesses aligned with our core values and beliefs. Together we are creating an economic force for truth and prosperity!

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~ Sandy Anchondo

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Trusted Brands

Angel Lady Crystal Boutique

Terrie Marie is my go-to expert for everything crystals.  Her shop offers natural crystals, crystal jewelry and so much more.  

All her Crystals are personally chosen with focused intention, love, discernment, guidance and an undeniable joy, to enhance the lives of all who share a love of Crystals, their vibration and all they have to offer, energetically.

And check out her personal shopping services as well!  Be sure to let her know Sandy sent you!

Z-Stack Supplements by Dr. Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko’s all natural formulas are designed to support the natural defense system of your body.

The Tuttle Twins

Are your kids being brainwashed?  The Tuttle Twins children’s books help you teach your kids how the world really works…

My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply is on a quest to help millions of families prepare to be SELF-RELIANT, no matter what the future holds.

Fix the World Project Morocco

Fix the World Project specializes in handmade decorative and personal products for EMF protection as well as alternative energy technology education. They’re American engineers making a living in Morocco.

Trusted News Sources

Discovering my Patriot Journey

Sandy Anchondo

What makes a creative, entrepreneur, interior designer take a life path left fork? 

Waking up one day and realizing the country we all love and respect is being systematically undermined by forces both within and outside our borders. 

So instead of just sitting on the sidelines, my goal is to share valuable information and tools with other patriots while creating beautiful and functional spaces for freedom seekers looking to design a space that fits their lifestyle.

Don’t Let Your Budget Block Your Creativity!
How to Decorate without Breaking the Bank

Dreaming of Designing a Space (Big or Small) & Transforming What You’ve Got into Something You LOVE?

Don’t let your design dreams die… I’m here to make sure your design dreams come to LIFE! This is why I created the “Don’t Let Your Budget Block Your Creativity” course.

Whether you’re still in the ideas phase, or in the middle of your project, here’s how to save time, money and angst… getting the results you want!

For many people, their design ideas end up as abandoned dreams… or turn out so far off from the original vision… and it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’d like to share with you the pro tips, insider secrets, and behind the scenes knowledge that comes with decades of experience.

With this instant-access digital course you’ll get all the information you need to map out your vision for a space you’ll love, handle the project with confidence, and bring your design dreams to life!

Discover Your Unique Decor Style
How to Decorate Your Space with Confidence

Resources to Thrive in the New Parallel Economy

Get the Freedom & Protection You Deserve!  

There is NO LAW requiring 99% of Americans to file and pay income tax!

Freedom Law School’s extensive research in tax law has given power and freedom back to Americans for over 25 years.  

The Freedom Law School’s Restore Freedom Plan will protect you, too.

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