Are You Getting a Good Night's Rest?

Hello Patriots,

Being a creative type of gal means my brain is constantly buzzing with design ideas, and solving decor challenges. So getting restful sleep is really important to feel re-energized for the next day.

How many of you can truly say you slept great last night?

It’s an interesting question, especially in these extra stressful times. We’ve probably all tried healthy bedtime habits like-
a. saying no to late-night television
b. keeping the room dark
c. avoiding eating or drinking before bed
and the list of suggestions goes on and on…

Through my research, I realized the culprit to getting a good night’s rest could be sitting right next to us all night long! Can you guess what it is? Yup, it’s our cellular device. Cell phones, TVs, tablets and internet signals emit high levels of electronic “noise” that can affect your body’s ability to attain the deeper sleep levels so important to feeling rested and revitalized in the morning.

Sleeping Pods

I found an amazing product that offers a simple solution to help with sleeping problems due to the electronic pollution in our environment. These sleeping pods are made with shungite, which provides a shield of emf protection around your body allowing you to sleep while blocking out the electronic pollution. With a good night’s rest you can think more clearly, have more energy and strengthen your immune system. Learn more about how this natural technology works and start sleeping better and feeling better today!

Click here or the image below.
Sleeping Pods with Shungite
I love the fact that these pods are so simple to use and provide an invisible protective shield around your body. And the sleeping pods are super convenient if you happen to live in a tiny home, or even an RV as they take up almost zero space!

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