Discover Your Unique Décor Style:
How to Decorate Your Space with Confidence

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Sandy has helped client after client discover their unique style, and she wrote this book to help you do the same! 

Download and discover:

  • the eight most popular design influences and how to discover which ones resonate most with you
  • how to visualize a space and put a room together beautifully 
  • simple design dos and don’ts to guide you as you go

Meet Sandy Anchondo

As a designer since 2004, I’ve seen so many people struggle with their interior design projects.  Clients hire me to help them take their vision for a space and make it reality.  Often, I’m hired to step in and rescue a project that’s gone off the tracks.

But hiring an Interior Designer can be pricey, and many people assume it’s out of their budget.  (You might be surprised how affordable good expertise can be!  Click here to find out more about working with me.)

For many people, their design ideas end up as abandoned dreams… or turn out so far off from the original vision… and it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’d like to share with you the pro tips, insider secrets, and behind the scenes knowledge that comes with decades of experience.

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