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Don’t Let Your Budget Block Your Creativity!

How to Decorate without Breaking the Bank

Dreaming of Redesigning a Space (Big or Small) & Transforming What You’ve Got into Something You LOVE?

But you've got questions or challenges that stopped you from getting started, or created a roadblock in the process, you’re not alone!

So often I hear from clients and friends that they’re running into what I call “Dream-Blockers”...
So, you’ve got a great idea and a beautiful vision, imagine if you had…

Bust Those Blocks & Make Your Design Dreams Reality!

Don't let your design dreams die…

I’m here to make sure your design dreams come to LIFE!  This is why I created the “Don’t Let Your Budget Block Your Creativity” course.

As a designer since 2004, I’ve seen so many people struggle with their interior design projects.  Clients hire me to help them take their vision for a space and make it reality.  Often, I’m hired to step in and rescue a project that’s gone off the tracks.

But hiring an Interior Designer can be pricey, and many people assume it’s out of their budget.  (You might be surprised how affordable good expertise can be!  Click here to find out more about working with me.)

For many people, their design ideas end up as abandoned dreams… or turn out so far off from the original vision… and it doesn’t have to be that way!

I’d like to share with you the pro tips, insider secrets, and behind the scenes knowledge that comes with decades of experience.  

With this instant-access digital course you’ll get all the information you need to map out your vision for a space you’ll love, handle the project with confidence, and bring your design dreams to life!

The Who, The What, and The Why?

Is this a Good Fit for You?

Ready to redesign or redecorate a space? If you're looking for a guide to ensure you've got a solid, easy to follow plan, with tips and ideas to help you save money and create your dream space, this is for you!

And if you're considering a career in the design industry, this will give you a jumpstart on the processes and insider tips that could take decades to learn on your own.

What Projects Will this Help Me With?

You can use this professional 5-phase approach to plan and execute anything from redecorating a small space like a living area, to bigger design projects like a kitchen or bathroom renovation!

Whether you're in a traditional home, apartment or condo space, RV, or tiny home, we've got you covered.

Why this Course?

Approach your project with confidence! You'll save money, time, and create a space you'll love!

5 Simple Phases of Any Creative Redesign Project

This Self-Study Course is Unique!

I've created this course for you as I completed my own kitchen remodel project--capturing photos, videos, and more along the way.

So you don't just get the step by step of WHAT to do... inside the course you'll see the exact HOW, with an example of a real project!

I'll even reveal the actual numbers and budget for the kitchen remodel.

Plus, with decades of experience as an Interior Designer, you'll discover the industry secrets and hacks DIYers don't know that can save you thousands of dollars and endless hours of time and frustration.

This Process Works For ANY Design Project!

Use this proven, experience-based process to redesign any room or space!
Living Room Fireplace "Facelift"




Upcycled Small End Table
Stylish Kitchen Renovation



Living Room Redesign




Bedroom Redesign



Sampling of Project Photos from Various Stages

Walk Through the Phases With Me

Phase 1: The Vision

The secret to creating a space you truly love and feel comfortable in, is knowing both the functionality you want and the style that’s “you”.  In Phase 1, you will:

Discover Your Unique Design Style

First, we'll identify your design style with the “Discover Your Design Style” Quiz.

Create Your Vision and Organize Ideas

Then, you'll master the art of bringing your ideas together in an easy to use vision board.

Define Your Space & Create a Floor Plan

Next, define your space (elements that go in the room) & design a floor plan for traffic flow, etc.

In Phase 1, I’ll share how professional designers identify when a style is coming together, meaning when do you have a workable concept that’s ready to rock!  

Don’t get stuck over-thinking in the “idea” phase.  Avoid analysis paralysis and get on your way to creating the space you’re dreaming of.

Plus, you’ll get a free bonus copy of my popular book “Discover Your Unique Decor Style”!

Phase 2: The Plan

You’ve got your concept, now how do you turn it into reality?  Phase 2 is all about creating a simple, easy to follow plan to make it happen, without pulling your hair out in frustration.

Step 1:
Treasure Hunting

Keep your project under budget with the secrets, tips and hacks professionals use!

Step 2:
Design Decisions

What are your "absolute must have" items to fall in love with your space?

Step 3:
Initial Budget

Now estimate your initial budget and begin bringing everything you need together.

Plus, in Phase 2 you’ll discover… 

  • Insider Secrets to Fund Your Project on a Budget

  • Creative Recycling/Upcycling to Help You Save BIG

  • Pro Tips for Smart Decision Making and Planning

Phase 3: The Resources

Your dream design might require a little more expertise than you have yourself.

And if you’re thinking, “I’m not sure it’s safe for me to pick up that power tool or rewire that circuit!”…

Or you’re worrying about ending up with an “Oops… thought I had this covered.  I need an expert!” moment… 

But you’ve heard so many design horror stories and you don’t want to end up with one of your own, I’ve got you covered!

In Phase 3, we’ll cover what you need to know so you can hire smart, save money, and keep your project on track.

  • Exactly What to Ask When Hiring the Perfect People

    Access my personal, tested list of questions to ask in a vendor interview to get the info you need to hire smart.

  • The "Green Flags" to Watch For

    Three key things to look for so you find and hire a great vendor for your specific project.

  • Expert Negotiation Tips to Save You Money & Time

    Three key things to look for so you find and hire a great vendor for your specific project.

  • Creating Your Final Budget

    to get the realistic cost for the entire project.

  • Red Flags to Watch Out For

    Discover the "Red Flags" so you can avoid vendors who could turn your dream project into a nightmare--or lead to more stress, higher cost, and a space you just don't love.

  • 4 Savvy Ways to Narrow Down Your Options

    Know exactly what to look for when comparing quotes from professional contractors or handymen (cheaper isn't always better).

  • Avoiding the Dangers of "Handshake" Deals

    Never say "yes" on a handshake - there are three things you MUST do instead to protect your project, your investment, and yourself.

Phase 4: The Project

Phase Four is where the real work starts, the real mess is made, and the real results begin to show.  Let the fun begin!  

Whether you’re a one-woman-show (or one-man-show), or working with contractors, I’ll share what you need to know to stay on track and on budget.

Plus, you’ll discover time and money saving strategies that allow you to manage your own project and save hundreds or thousands on a general contractor. 

After you’ve secured your vendors and tradespeople, you can easily manage the workflow yourself-with the tips and processes I’ll share to keep you organized.

We’ll cover exactly how to keep your project on time and on track when working with vendors and professionals.

And I’ll share battle-tested tips and strategies to help you handle the unexpected – because the unexpected WILL happen!  

Stumbling blocks such as…

  • Work delays and rescheduling
  • Slow shipping or items out of stock
  • Professionals who push you towards a different vision
  • “Oops, I’m in over my head here”

Are ALL manageable and don’t have to stop you, or cost an unexpected small fortune to fix!

Part 1:
Breakdown The Plan

You've got your ideas mapped out... what needs to happen first, next, etc? What's a realistic timeline for each step?

Part 2:
Your Project Calendar

Without this... your project is likely to turn into a disaster. Get the pro tips to creating a calendar that works!

Part 3:
On Plan & On Budget

Time for your “Manager” hat! I'll show you how to manage your time wisely – and help contractors stay on track, too.

Phase 5: The Results

Voila!  Congratulations!  Your design dream has come to life!

But before you pop that champagne cork, we’ve got three critical wrap up steps that will make all the difference in how much you love your new space long term.

The Punch List

Create a list of any “to do” items that aren’t finished yet or need reviewed.

The Experiment

It’s super important to live in your new space for a bit and notice what pops up.

The Proof

Take before and after pictures of the project (from start to finish)!

Remember: Be open to tweaks.  There are no “right” or “wrong” decisions.  You’re free to make changes and adjustments!

Most importantly, enjoy every moment in your new space.  You earned it!

Plus, You'll Discover Insider Secrets for...

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Identifying your Design Style

The secret to creating a space you truly love and feel comfortable in, is knowing both the functionality you want and the style that’s “you”.

With my unique “Discover Your Design Style” Quiz, you’ll easily identify what works for you so you can incorporate it into your projects.

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Creating a Realistic Budget

A guide to help figure out what are reasonable numbers for various pieces of your project, and how to keep the budget under control.

We’ll also cover what to do when something goes off the rails in your project, how to save money with recycling/upcycling strategies and more.

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Finding Reliable Contractors

Hiring contractors can be challenging and we’ve all heard the horror stories. You can avoid your own horror stories with a little bit of smart planning and filtering.

I’ll share my tips for finding the best resources so you save money and frustration but still get stunning results!

Meet Your Host and Guide

Sandy Anchondo believes everyone can enjoy a harmonious and beautiful interior space no matter what their budget. Her process will help empower and awaken your decorating senses, leaving you excited to start your next project!

She started Re-Style Interiors in 2004, realizing a lifelong dream to express her creative talents and share those abilities with people every day. Sandy’s quest to unmask the secrets of creating great design and sharing her experience with others inspired her to start writing.

As an award winning designer, Sandy's work has been featured in Orange Coast magazine and other publications. She transforms spaces by connecting with you on a creative level, reflecting your lifestyle and the inner you. Sandy approaches every project with a unique creative flair that echoes your design desires bringing your ideas to life.

Let's Make Your Design Dreams Reality

Create Your Dream Spaces with Confidence,
Knowing You’re Saving Time, Money and Energy!

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