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Phase 5: The Results

Voila!  Congratulations!  Your design dream has come to life!

But wait… are you really finished?

Before you pop that champagne cork, we’ve got three critical wrap up steps that will make all the difference in how much you love your new space long term.

You’ll want to Create a Punch List – any “to do” items that aren’t finished yet or need looked at again.

And, it’s super important to live with your completed project for several weeks before you officially call it “complete!”

The Punch List

So, what’s a punch list? It is one of the last and most important steps you will take before finalizing your design project.

The Punch List

A punch list is simply a list of items you create when evaluating any renovation or remodel project that was completed by a contractor. It’s the process you go thru to review your new space with a keen eye and look for any faulty details, scratches, missing items, etc. It’s your responsibility to let the contractor know what needs to be fixed, replaced, repainted, etc. They expect there to be minor items to correct before they accept their final payment. So this is your time to point out any issues and have them made right.

The Last Punch List Item

Here’s a short video showing the kitchen just before completion of the final punch list item. Can you guess what it is?

Okay, it was fairly obvious! But, there were other little issues that the contractor was happy to correct. For example, a drawer that didn’t close properly. The door hinges on the pantry enclosure required adjusting. The punch list is your opportunity to get everything fixed to your satisfaction. And I am very pleased!

The Completed Kitchen

The Experiment

It’s super important to live in your new space for a bit and notice what pops up.

Most likely, you will see little things that you want to tweak or change, that’s completely normal!

Key Pro Tip: Most designers realize a project is never really “done” because things change.  We tend to become comfortable with a design, and find that a little tweak here and there makes it even better!

The Proof

Here’s what I like to do: 

  • Take before and after pictures of the project (from start to finish). 
  • Look at your space from a third person perspective.  You may see something from a fresh perspective!
  • Be open to change.  There are no “right” or “wrong” decisions.  You’re free to make tweaks and adjustments! 
  • Most importantly, enjoy every moment in your new space.  You earned it!
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