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Phase 2: The Plan

You’ve got your concept, now how do you turn it into reality?  

Phase 2 is all about creating a simple, easy to follow plan to make it happen, without pulling your hair out in frustration.

First, we’ll create a list of all the pieces you need for your plan and what your options are.

Then we’ll look at priorities and design decisions to keep your project under budget.

Finally, you’ll create a draft of your project budget (it’s almost time to shop!).

Step 1:
Treasure Hunting

Your next step is to begin “Treasure Hunting!” – that’s searching for options and researching prices for the pieces in your plan.  

Look at your vision board, floor plan and space plan, then make a list of all the pieces you would love (furniture, wall art, area rugs, flooring, lighting, wall treatments, window treatments, etc.)  

Find options for each of the items to get a realistic idea of what your investment might be for the options.

Key Pro Tip: Consider creative alternatives/approaches to keep your budget under control.  

You can always shop the other areas of your home if you need to find an alternate piece of furniture! 

Don’t forget that you can repurpose furniture pieces too. That ottoman can be a coffee table, or that pretty pedestal can also stand in as an end table. 

You can also separate bookcases if you need to open up a space that feels too “heavy”. 

Here are some blog posts and videos to inspire you to get creative!

Step 2:
Design Decisions

Choose the “can’t live without” non-negotiables. What items from step 1 are absolute MUST HAVES so your project creates a space you’ll fall in love with?

Sometimes you can buy a little “wiggle room” in your project budget to get the “dream” piece you want, by looking for less spendy alternatives on other pieces.

If you’ve got your heart set on a new kitchen countertop that’s a little more spendy than you thought, consider refreshing your existing cabinets with paint and adding new knobs/pulls instead of replacing the cabinets entirely.

Or, if there’s a gorgeous piece of art you absolutely have to have in your new living room, you could slipcover your sofa or perhaps find one at a thrift store/estate sale, instead of buying new.

Key Pro Tip: Knowing your non-negotiables will help you make smart decisions to keep your entire project under budget but still allow you to create a space you’ll love!

Step 3:
Initial Budget

Now it’s time to create an estimate of your initial budget and begin bringing everything you need together!

Download the template spreadsheet below and fill in your final choices and details:

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